1. Tore Down

From the recordings Tore Down and LIVE Sarasota Slim

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Tore Down

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May 5th 2007 Terry Reeb threw an after the blues fest party and we had it at Dino's in downtown St. Pete where Dwight Champagne has a house gig on the weekends.  (Dino's was part of Janus landing and used to be called Club Detroit)  Dwight kicked it off at 9pm. and we played a set from 10 - 11pm.   Little Ed & the Blues Imperials played from 11pm - 1am. After that we got back up to close it out with guest bass player Ed Lanier and Dwight Champagne sitting in for a basic blues fustercluck.   IT WAS A GREAT PARTY - THANKS TERRY. Drums - Mike Crutchfield Bass - Ed MO Lanier Guitar R - BBQ Josh Nelms Guitar L - Gene SARASOTA SLIM Hardage Keys & Vocals - Dwight Champagne