1. Tore Down

From the recording Tore Down


May 5th 2007 Terry Reeb threw an after the blues fest party and we had it at Dino's in downtown St. Pete where Dwight Champagne has a house gig on the weekends.  (Dino's was part of Janus landing and used to be called Club Detroit)  Dwight kicked it off at 9pm. and we played a set from 10 - 11pm.   Little Ed & the Blues Imperials played from 11pm - 1am. After that we got back up to close it out with guest bass player Ed Lanier and Dwight Champagne sitting in for a basic blues fustercluck.   IT WAS A GREAT PARTY - THANKS TERRY. Drums - Mike Crutchfield Bass - Ed MO Lanier Guitar R - BBQ Josh Nelms Guitar L - Gene SARASOTA SLIM Hardage Keys & Vocals - Dwight Champagne