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Four years ago, a county government-sponsored blues festival was the last thing most people expected would ever take place in Hernando County. But there it was, the inaugural Bluesapalooza, a two-day event in 2009 featuring some of the Tampa Bay area's best-known blues artists cranking it up on the soccer fields at…

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Saturday April 27, 2013 Bikini Blues Bash returns 

Thanks to Surfboard Dave of Surfboard Records we have some really nice video clips from our first Bikini Blues Bash - check out his site for what happened last year.

Here's the official press release for this year's Bikini Blues Bash on April 27, 2013 - DON'T MISS IT!!!

The only blues festival where your happy feet can dance in the sand is the Bikini Blues Bash in Treasure Island on Saturday, April 27th. Smack dab on Treasure Island’s famous festival-sized beach, the Bikini Blues Bash boasts over 10 hours…

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Bikini Blues Bash 2!! 

This years Bikini Blues Bash is beginning to shape up!  Starting early in the day Saturday, April 27th to kick things off the Tom Cats Jazz Orchestra will be playing a special selection of Ray Charles tunes.  Next up is Charlie Morris for a rematch with the evil PA that tried to destroy the earth last year during his set.  Then Steve Arvey will switch gears and bring out old school bay area favorite Nitro to help him with some back porch acoustic blues - I might have to get in on a piece of that with one…

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The Beach 

Beaches are beautiful.  I grew up in a town with some of the prettiest beaches in Florida.  Now I live in St. Pete and they just happen to have one of the coolest beaches anywhere.  How cool is it that Treasure Island has a great big beach and they're always throwing parties with live music on it?!  We've played a few of their beach events with names like Sanding Ovations and Rockin' Red Glare and now we're ready for a new one called the Bikini Blues Bash.  



Here's a movie clip of us playing at the…

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1st ink on the new CD - hometown paper 



Published: Thursday, March 10, 2011 at 1:00 a.m. 
Last Modified: Wednesday, March 9, 2011 at 10:04 a.m.

Artist: Gene "Sarasota Slim" Hardage (guitar, vocals, composition, production)

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Gene "Sarasota Slim" Hardage

Base of operation: St. Petersburg

Style/genre of music: Blues

Bio: Sarasota Slim's new disc (the third on Hardage's own Possum Phono-Graphics label, and eighth overall) entitled, "Get Up Get Down," is commingled blues, funk, boogie, slide guitar and…

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The new CD is Done! 

Finally got the the CD done.  Next step is some liner notes - song order - pics - title - stuff like that.  I did a silly intro for a song that I'm playing slide on and thought it might be fun to video it while we recorded it.  There are 4 takes and we picked Take #2 for the song intro.

Da Bucs & da Blues... 

Buccaneers Football of course. The big news is that 2 of the new offensive line coaches are big blues fans and they tracked me down via the www and came to see us play da blues at the Ringside Cafe last night. One of them handed me a piece of paper with a football play drawn on it and said they were naming that play code name - Sarasota Slim !!! That's right folks you might hear my name mentioned on Monday night football - let's hope the play scores. I can see a whole series of plays named for blues…

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