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HELLO and welcome!!!

A Florida native and proud of it!  The Sarasota Slim Band started in the mid 80's and has had all manner of talented musicians come and go through it.  The common thread being a love of blues based music with a touch of Florida Swamp via Slim's pickings.    There are early albums, cassettes and CDs on the Appaloosa label of Milan Italy and also several self produced CDs, cassettes and even 45's on the Possum Phono-Graphics label along with misc. guest appearances on other recording projects worldwide.  Take a ride on the waaaay back machine with this old video clip from the 1992 San Remo Blues Festival from the Italian Riviera!


Fast forward a few decades and you'll find me as the “OG” at Ka'Tiki on Sunset Beach as part of the long running Magic Mondays now hosted by Kid Royal & the Holy Smokes.  That's Kid Royal aka Chris Chown playing the blues licks next to me along with Frank “3rd” Richardson on drums and Harry Ong on bass - I'm the honorary Holy Smoker and down to my last 2 dollars…