Summertime BLUES

It's officially summertime here in Florida and yes these blues are indeed real. BIGFOOT aka Vic Ohtamaa our ultra-funky drummer from Finland is migrating to a cooler climate in his ongoing quest for higher education. Vic is moving to Syracuse, NY to work on his PhD in CHEMISTRY! Somehow the idea of a partially converted double-kick metal-head drummer studying and teaching chemistry in college is a bit scary to me. Maybe he will base is doctoral thesis on extracting the funk pheromone from dance floor sweat! And speaking of higher education... Rick Lollar has been offered a music scholarship at FSU! Rick is the young guitar wonder kid from Tallahassee that I've been raving about who was at last years Dunedin Blues Fest. If you'd like to see and hear what kind of skill, speed, dexterity, finesse, and taste it takes to qualify for a full music scholarship then here's where it starts getting good. Both Rick Lollar and Bigfoot will be playing the summertime blues with the Sarasota Slim band on July 1 & 2. Friday, July 1st in Homosassa at MacRae's Dockside SHED from 7 - 11pm. and also Saturday, July 2nd at Bullwinkle's Saloon 620 W. Tennessee Street in downtown Tallahasseewhacker from 10pm. - 2am.