the "Gary Westbrook" party scam

It seems that the good folks in Nigeria have nothing better to do than try to scam people. I just got my first fake 419 Nigerian money order for $4000.00 to go play a party in Salem, Oregon. I actually called the CIA and they said unless you've lost money they don't have any time to fool with it. Here's the text of the original email: From: Subject: Salem Invitation. Date: September 29, 2007 3:10:24 PM EDT To: Good Day, I have a party in Salem, which I'll love to have you; the party is a send of party of one of my co-worker that will be relocating. I'll love to have your band to Come and perform on that day, the total numbers of guest that will present at the party was 50 and the party is going to be an indoor event. I'll provide you with staging and lighting . The date of the party is 11/10. Let me know if your band is not book on that day. Here's the party venue, Salem City Hall 555 Liberty St SE Salem, Oregon 97301 Let me know the amount you'll ask for to come and perform at the party. A friend called Greg Adams introduced me to your band. If you'll be staying overnight around that area, I'll want you to quote the hotel fee with your performance fee. Let me know what it's going to cost to have you on that day, and include your phone numbers in the next email. Regards, Gary Westbrook. N.B I don't mind to pay more money to get the best band. _________________________ OK - after getting several more emails and even a few phone calls (one with a caller ID that pointed to Nigeria --- 23417656838 ) I got the money order and then - you guessed it - he sent this email: Hello Gene, Sorry I have not been contacting you since some days ago, and I am also expecting you to email me as well. It’s like we’ll not be able to continue with the party, so things happen between the organizers and we have choose not to do the party. I think I should let you know, the man that will be getting transfer was lost in a car accident in California, and this has brought the most shocking moment to the member and other staffs that’s why we decided not to continue with the party. What I’ll want you to do is that I’ll like you to deduct $1000 from the money you have with you, and I’ll like to have refund of the rest of the money. I’ll keep your contact details, and invite you for any future event that we may have, that’s for being sincere. I’ll like to have the money sent to me, I’m still over here in Spain, and I’ll like to have the money. You’ll be sending the money to me via western union, and here are the details that you’ll be sending the money to, Name ROBERT WILLIAMS Address CALLE, MATINEZ 7,30004 MURCIA SPAIN. Go to any western union outlets around you to send the money, you are going to be asked to pay some money to send the funds, I’ll like you to deduct the transfer fee from my money and have the rest of the money sent. You’ll be given some 10 digits numbers call M.T.C.N I’ll like you to email me the numbers as soon as you have the money sent. Regards, Gary. __________________________ OK - enough time wasted on this BS. Hope this info being posted here helps prevent others from falling for a fairly simple scam. GH/SS