Mark Olbrich - Blues Eternity

Mark Olbrich is the bass player from London who came over here on "holiday" with his family a few years back and we met and became friends. We did a little jamming while he was here and later he arranged for me to go with him and his band to a blues festival in his original country of Poland where we played the 2005 Rawa Blues Festival. Mark was a wonderful host, tour guide, band leader, and bass player, and he was sharp enough to have it all recorded and it turned out to be a fine CD if I do say so myself. Mark Olbrich's web site is Paddy Milner played keys with us and really makes each song special. He is by far one of the best piano players I've ever heard and it's a real musical treat to have him on this project with us. Paddy Milner's web site is Holding the rhythm section together is the ever popular Sam Kelly - voted British Blues Connection "Drummer of the Year" 5 years running. Sam Kelly's web site is I only have a few copies of the CD right now (more are on the way) but you can listen to it here... You can also buy copies here... or from Mark direct...

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