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SARASOTA SLIM: Promo Pics & Posters

Sarasota Slim    SS-Tally-SG-crop.jpg

Gene Hardage got a guitar at 13 and was self-taught

with the help of friends and the typical teenage obsession

with music.  In his early 20's he started playing in bands

occasionally doing gigs with Rock Bottom and eventually

becoming the guitar player in his band the Jungle Bushmasters.


Rock Bottom gave everyone nicknames and Gene Hardage

became Sarasota Slim.

   In 1987 when the Chernobyl disaster was spewing radio active

fallout all over Scandinavia, a "skeerd” Slim made a last minute

decision not to go on the 2nd Rock Bottom tour of Scandinavia.  

As fate would have it, both parties benefited from the split -

Rock Bottom used several local Norwegian guitar players,

 one being a very young Vidar Busk - and no longer a sideman

guitar player - Sarasota Slim started fronting his own bands

singing and writing his own songs.

   In 1988, Sarasota Slim teamed up with Lucky Peterson

for a wild couple of years of playing and touring the South.




When the original Green Iguana on Westshore opened,

Jessie and Kimbo (Harpo), representatives from the

Gulf Coast Blues Society convinced them to have a Monday 

 night blues jam hosted by Sarasota Slim.  Slim collected

tip jar money at the blues jam and used it to fund a few events

for the Gulf Coast Blues Society. That blues society folded

when the "new" Sun Coast Blues Society was born.  

The Monday night blues jam at the Green Iguana Westshore

continues today with 2 original Slim band mates - Dean Germain

and Benny Sudano on B3 and bass. There are also several live

"Boot Leg Blues" CDs featuring various bay area musicians and

singers recorded mostly at the Green Iguana.

    In the early 90's Sarasota Slim released 4 CDs on the Italian label

Appaloosa complete with tours of Europe to promote them.  

    In 1999 and 2001, Sarasota Slim released 2 CDs on his own

Possum Phono-Graphics label.  

    In 2005 a quick trip to Poland produced a live CD by the

bass player and organizer Mark Olbrich.

    A new long overdue Sarasota Slim CD should be out before

the end of 2010 and it will most likely be on his own

Possum Phono-Graphics label.




Phone: 727-822-6615

Cell: 727-421-9045


Sarasota Slim CD PROMO-INFO .pdf

Sarasota Slim CD PROMO-INFO .pdf

8.5 x 11 flyer pdf

8.5 x 11 flyer pdf

11 x 17 blues dog poster pdf

11 x 17 blues dog poster pdf

SS with SG hi-res promo photo jpg

SS wSG hi-res promo photo

Get Up - Get Down high-res .jpg of CD cover

Get Up - Get Down Hi-Res CD cover

SS Blues Dog wCDs jpg

SS Blues Dog wCDs