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Adventures in Club Land - November 14, 2005

We still haven't made much progress toward mending any fences with Skippers Smokehouse but on a brighter note we have kissed and made up over at the Ringside Cafe! This is great news folks 'cause this means we'll be playing one of my favorite places and it's right down the street too! Our first date there is a Thursday in December and I'm sure we'll be there often in 2006 so be sure to come out and show us some hometown love when we play there. If the place is packed with wild women drinking icey cold adult beverages they'll be sure to have us back more often. (It's a tough job - but somebody has to do it)

and now for something really silly... - November 6, 2005

Go to the "Guitar Shred Show" link and then go to the "the Mountain of the Tapping Dwarfs" and click Jam.

Got my Deluxe working again! - September 8, 2005

I finally got my other Deluxe working again. It has a bigger new output tranformer and sounds GREAT! I'm willing to sell the output transformer it had to a good home. It's a Deluxe "upgrade" and looks like the one on the right...

Gigs Gone Bad! - August 29, 2005

Our first Gig Gone Bad is the Shed in Homosassa. Hurricane Katrina blew Homosassa River levels too high to do last Sunday's gig at the Shed. The Parking lot was flooded and water was only about 2 inches from covering the area where we would have played.

Another Gig Gone Bad is Bayou Bleu in Sarasota which would have been October 22 - HOWEVER - they just called and told me they will be CLOSING! Too Bad - another venue bites the dust.

Our gig at the Great Southern Music Hall in Tally was GREAT!

A few words about some new kids... - August 10, 2005

By now everyone has probably heard that BIGFOOT has trundled off to the great North in search of higher education. We're using various drummers until one clicks and stays the course for a while. Folks in the St. Pete-A-Bug area can see us at the Ringside and 4th Street Cigars on Tuesdays and Thursdays with drummer Dangerous Dave Bushman. At 6'4"? I think he's all growed-up now and his playing is all-pro as well. On Fri-Sat 19-20 at the Smoking Dog and Sunday at Greggo's we'll have certified drum-crazed New Orleans MONSTER James Vinardo who will bring that 2nd, 3rd & 4th line along with him. We used him for a gig the other day with no rehearsal - only a very brief phone call between us to get directions to the gig - and it was AWSOME! We did a couple of numbers that use that New Orleans "second line" style of drumming and he nailed it. In my book he's one of the top 10 drummers on the planet. We also have NJ transplant Tommy Z playing keys with us on many of these gigs. TZ is another one of them all-pro keyboard players who has played gigs large and small with famous rock stars and all. We'll talk more about him later... and now a word from our bass man Sugar Bear: "dem low notes make people happy - when I hit that low B - people get happy feet!" - - - Guitar player Josh Nelms: "No - it's those high fast twiddly notes that make 'um rock" And lastly, one of those weird musical statements from the Slimster hiself..."it's the notes you DON'T play that allow the song to breath that gets inside a person".

Flip Flop Tuesdays! - August 8, 2005

We're doing every other Tuesday at the Ringside Cafe - Flip Flopping with Sugar & Glen Evans on the other Tuesdays. Glen has Mike Chavers on bass and vocals, Josh Nelms on guitar, and Sugar on vocals and harp. On our Tuesday we have Dangerous Dave Bushman on Drums, Tommy Z on keyboards, and Sugar Bear on the low notes.

Cigar Thursdays - July 26, 2005

Where's Bill when we need him?
We have a new regular gig right down the street at the good ol' 4th Street Cigars EVERY THURSDAY!!!

WMNF Florida Folk Show - July 6, 2005

I'll be doing something totally different tomorrow morning on WMNF. Local folkie "Sunset Pete" has a radio show that focuses on Florida songwriters from 9 -10am every Thursday. If you're near a computer you can hear me stumble around out of my element at a bad time of day.

Summertime BLUES - June 22, 2005

It's officially summertime here in Florida and yes these blues are indeed real. BIGFOOT aka Vic Ohtamaa our ultra-funky drummer from Finland is migrating to a cooler climate in his ongoing quest for higher education. Vic is moving to Syracuse, NY to work on his PhD in CHEMISTRY! Somehow the idea of a partially converted double-kick metal-head drummer studying and teaching chemistry in college is a bit scary to me. Maybe he will base is doctoral thesis on extracting the funk pheromone from dance floor sweat!

And speaking of higher education...

Rick Lollar has been offered a music scholarship at FSU! Rick is the young guitar wonder kid from Tallahassee that I've been raving about who was at last years Dunedin Blues Fest. If you'd like to see and hear what kind of skill, speed, dexterity, finesse, and taste it takes to qualify for a full music scholarship then here's where it starts getting good. Both Rick Lollar and Bigfoot will be playing the summertime blues with the Sarasota Slim band on July 1 & 2. Friday, July 1st in Homosassa at MacRae's Dockside SHED from 7 - 11pm. and also Saturday, July 2nd at Bullwinkle's Saloon 620 W. Tennessee Street in downtown Tallahasseewhacker from 10pm. - 2am.

Pics of Slim in UK & Poland - May 26, 2005

Funny little cars, old buildings, hangin' with Ten Years After in Poland, etc. A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to Mark Olbrich for making this trip possible and playing some great bass guitar at the gigs.


Here's a big shout out to my new friend Randle who started a new blues Club in good ol' Winter Haven on Saturday nights. (On Fridays it's a hippity-hoppity dance club)
We had a great time playing to some old fans and made some new fans too. Check out the BLUES EDGE.

May 2005 NEWS from Slimville... - April 14, 2005

Here's the latest news from Slimville...

Guitars guitars and more guitars!

That's the lineup for the Cotee River Seafood Festival & Bright House Networks Boat Show in New Port Richey, Florida.

The headliner this year is Jimmy Thackery. We'll be bringing our guitar army too. Young blood Josh Nelms just keeps getting better all the time and we have a special guest sitting in with us for this show. Larry "RHINO" Reinhardt will bring his legendary blues-rock guitar too. RHINO was a member of the pre-Allman Brothers band The Second Coming with Berry Oakley, Butch Trucks and Dickey Betts. Later he joined Iron Butterfly then after that helped start one of the first super groups with ex Johnny Winter drummer Bobby Caldwell - Iron Butterfly bassist Lee Dorman - and “Hush”-era Deep Purple shouter Rod Evans: Captain Beyond. So he's a bonnafide rock legend and still plays great and has fun doing it.
(ALSO - I've been practicing my Polkas for the big blues bash in Poland with my buddy Mark Olbrich and his band coming up in late May - Ten Years After will be there too!)

Englewood Blues Fest - March 21, 2005

Thank you Englewood Rotory Club for adding a mini "Blues Fest" to the 24th annual arts and crafts festival on Saturday, March 19th. We had a blast! Performers included local song siren "Twinkle" and many of her old hippy band friends who seemed to be having a great time. Festival promoter Leslie Gift also included visiting folk singer songwriter MJ Bishop and she was an interesting artsy addition to the whole art fest thing. Check MJ out at...

GARAGE $ALE ITEM$ - January 26, 2005

Just added a few pics of some of the things that don't get used anymore. They're in the "Photos" section - check back once in a while 'cause I'll be adding to the list as I get around to taking pics of some of the PA speakers and things buried in the trailer. Also - I'm OK with trading certain things too.


BOOTLEG Vidar Recording?! - January 12, 2005

Vidar's gig at the Tavern at Baybro was FANTASTIC! He has turned into one of the finest guitar players I've ever seen anywhere. The players were old buddies - Rev. Bone Shaker on bass, Glenn "Drum Stooge" Evans, a young harp slinger from Norway named "Spanky" that came with Vidar, and of course I horned my way in on it too. I felt like a fish out of water and you may get a chance to judge for yourself one day if the ADAT recording of the event turns out to be a BOOTLEG Vidar CD. So far - preleminary mixes of the mobile Possum Phono-Graphics recording get down machine sound pretty good.

Tuesday rare Vidar appearance - January 10, 2005

Vidar Busk is in town from Norway and will be at USF's Bayboro tavern (formally tavern on the green)in St. Petersburg. Vidar is a Grammy Award winning guitarist and singer on Warner Bros./Norway. Direct from San Francisco recording a new project called "Guitarmaggedon", this will be Vidar's only local gig. Some folks might remember him as the fantastic teenage guitar player that used to play with Rock Bottom wearing a leopard suit with matching shoes! Come see what he'll be wearing this time!

The show starts at 7:30 PM.

NEW SITE! with web wizard - January 9, 2005

Howdy folks!

I'm using one of them newfangled web servers with the site templates and wizards an such. It's still a little limited but will improve as I get the hang of the wizard thingy and as the grand poohbah programer improves it's features. So far so good. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Anyone with any feedback on our gigs, CDs, or whatever can post it in the guestbook.

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