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HOWDY Y'ALL ! My name is Gene Hardage and I'm also known as Sarasota Slim. I'm a true Florida cracker - born in the panhandle and raised in Sarasota - and yes I am slim. I've been at this music stuff longer than I'd like to admit, luckily this makes me somewhat legendary in certain circles. Help me nurture this myth by playing my music for your friends and even calling your local radio stations and seriously suggesting some Sarasota Slim songs. (now say that 6 times real fast!)


Sarasota Slim: Get Up  Get Down


Sarasota Slim: Boney Fingers


Sarasota Slim: Snook Fishin



Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

Jeff's Place

Blues Night - 8-11pm.

1239 4th Street S.
St. Petersburg Florida 33705
USA 727-249-7395 [map]
Price: FREE!


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